About the Artist

The American born Rosemary Singleton Rauber graduated from the University of Missouri in 1981 where she studied Painting Drawing and Photography.  Subsequently she took courses in New York City at the International Center of Photography, at the Parsons School of Design and at the Art Students League. R. Singleton Rauber has lived and worked in Switzerland since 1990. Since 2000 the artist runs the atelier Artplace and gives painting and nude drawing classes. Her work has been shown in one man and group shows in Switzerland and in the USA. 

The focus of Rosemary Rauber’s work is the modern urban man. Her inspiration has been Edward Hopper, Eric Fischl, Elizabeth Peyton, and Francis Bacon to name a few. Her work is executed mostly in acrylic with layers of paint. She acknowledges the importance of photography for the inspiration of her work.  Each painting is executed initially as a small line drawing. With this as a starting point she frees herself from the original image and is able to implement a large scale painted interpretation of her photographed scenes.
Ms. Rauber’s paintings are at once realistic and defamiliarized through the absence of facial features of her portraits. The paintings have an unspoken optimism that one feels through the rendering of the intense colors and powerfully established figures. Throughout her work there is a tension between the intimate figurative content and the bold formal qualities of her canvases celebrated by dynamic attributes of paint. 
Rosemary Rauber’s painting characteristics include strong composition, ordinary subject matter, depiction of light and contrast often accentuating the fleeting moment of the scene, and the inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience. 
The paintings of Ms. Rauber are about the beauty of the everyday ordinary. They show people going about their business in modern life often complete with electronic devices. The body language of the figures tells the story on the canvas. The urban background and the play of light expressed in bright and varied use of color set the atmosphere. The paintings show compositionally as well as stylistically the fluidity of modern life


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