Where do we go now 135 x 200
The sun just came out
Almost done
Hope there is still a place to sit
Tell her to meet us later
Parks are magical places
What do you think
Wonder if they live around here
What are the museum hours 96x130 2017sf.
Where Did The Time Go
I will wait for you here
I am just looking 95x135  2017
I thought there was a library here90x115sf.3500
I must change the conversation
Hope They Have Wifi
We are getting proposals soon
Wish i had a dog
We have to find a compromise
The battery is down on my phone
So happy it is the weekend
This idea cannot fail
Perfect venue for our meeting
Charity Auction Tonight
email me the address
People are always in such a rush
Never a Taxi When You Need One
maybe we could outsource that job
At Least the sun is out
I need some down time
Baby it's cold out here
I need a little adventure100x120sfr3300

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